Changing the G.A.M.E through Inspiring Art

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Life is a GAME, so have fun playing it! Ayala Malls, the leader in lifestyle, and Ayala Museum help us to remember and experience the fun and full richness of life through their newest initiative, G.A.M.E. – the Greenbelt + Ayala Museum Experience


G.A.M.E. launches at Ayala Museum, this November 9. The leads, Joseph Reyes, Assistant Vice President, Area Head, Ayala Malls group; Lulu Tan-Gan, Designer; Mariles Gustilo, Senior Director for Arts & Culture, Ayala Foundation.

An artist collaboration between Greenbelt, Ayala Museum, and artists and designers (the first of whom will be Lulu Tan Gan), G.A.M.E brings to the forefront the country’s unique history and culture through inspiring artistry and craftsmanship. “Through this exciting exhibit, Ayala Museum and Ayala Malls redefine the museum experience, bringing art outside of the gallery and to the outdoors,” explains Mariles Gustilo, Ayala Museum’s Senior Director.

“With every campaign launched at Ayala Malls, we always aim to push the envelope and introduce our mall-goers to new experiences. When it comes to the museum experience, traditionally we think of white walls and art works simply displayed in frames and on glass counters. But Ayala Museum sees itself beyond this, setting up creative, inspiring spaces around the mall and the city,” shares Joseph Reyes, Assistant Vice President and Area Head of Central Manila, Ayala Malls Group. “The mall is more than just a place to shop and hang out, it’s also a creative hub where you can discover new things and explore new concepts.”


Yarn Bomb Knit Bomb, an experiential art installation, will run until January 14, 2018.

This November 8 to January 14, 2018, G.A.M.E. launches its first exhibit in collaboration with designer Lulu Tan Gan. The special art installation, called Yarn Bomb Knit Bomb, delights passersby with its bright, bold colors and retro patterns, which decorate the trees and gardens. This is done through amazing traditional ways of constructing fabrics; knit, crochet and weave works, aptly bringing to light the Philippines’ long weaving traditions and culture.


There are different Yarn Bomb Knit Bomb stations around the Greenbelt area. Pictured above is the “Retro Steps” station. 

The Queen of Knitwear Lulu Tan Gan, who is the featured designer for this exhibit, showcases her artistic touch and expertise, seamlessly merging Philippine artisan sophistication with contemporary design in what’s been coined as “Indigenous Couture.”

The centerpiece of the exhibit is the Communitree, a crowdsourced installation of knitted doilies. 

“This is a unique gallery that goes beyond and outside the typical walls of a museum. You can see, touch and truly experience the art,” says Lulu Tan Gan.  “Here, we’ve created scenes that train the spotlight on traditional craft, which includes images of our indigenous groups in a contemporary setting. This, in my opinion, is the best way to connect traditions and the present,” she says. “This exhibit is a journey that takes you both into the past and future, inspiring others to revive, repurpose and innovate traditional knitting, weaving and crochet.”

A closer look at the Retro-Galactic Communitree. 

The five Greenbelt Garden areas come alive as they become both the canvas and subject of the art works. Playing with a retro-galactic theme, Lulu Tan Gan harkens back to the days of psychedelic color and new age ideas for a truly mind-blowing experience. Check out the Retro Galactic Communitree designed in partnership with craft enthusiasts, the Tribo Walk, the Retro Walk and the Retro by the Chapel


The Hernandez Brothers treats the audience to a folk-inspired music performance at the Retro Tribo Walk station. 

This massive exhibit is supported by Kinka Graphics, Rupert Signs, Manila Bay Thread Corporation, DLSU-CSB students, Crowd Source Participants, and Astoria Hotel.

One of the knitwear artists, Erlinda, demonstrates her craft.

This season, discover new ways to appreciate local art and artistry, and be wowed by new experiences.

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