FAQs on #AYLC2019 online application

  BY Ayala Foundation       October 02, 2018       AYLC2019, FAQs, OnlineApplication, ayala-young-leaders-congress
  1. Q: Can I skip to answer other Sections on the online application form?

A: It is recommended that you answer Section 7, FIRST. Section 7 requires you to encode details of your chosen mentors. Then, you may proceed to answer other sections.


  1. Q: Will I be able to change my assessor if he/she is taking too long to complete the form?

A: Yes. You may DELETE assessors who are taking too long to complete the form, and then add other assessors. Please inform previous assessors that you will remove them as assessors to avoid confusion. Deleting them will deactivate their access to the site.


  1. Q: What type of shot do I need to upload for the 2×2 photo in the Personal Details Section?

A: Formal (in school uniform or in collared shirt) and preferably with white background.


  1. Q: Can I repeat what I encoded in Section 2 to Section 4 if it is related to community/ volunteer work?

A: No. Please make sure that your answers for Section 4 are volunteer work not related to organizations you are currently members of. Voluntary involvement includes activities that you are doing outside of your organizations.


  1. Q: What if I was NOT able to click “Section Completed” in all Sections?

A: Not being able to click the “section completed” button will render your application incomplete. We will only accept answers from sections that have been completed. Clicking “section completed” will not allow you to edit your answers anymore. Click only when you are sure you are done with the section.


  1. Q: Will I be notified in case I left some spaces unanswered?

A: All sections have required fields to be filled out. You cannot complete the section unless these fields are answered.


  1. Q: Will I be able to access my form even after submission?

A: Yes. But only during the duration of the Online Application phase (October 1-28, 2018). This is only to allow you to check the status of your assessors. The system will automatically be inaccessible after the deadline.