GNPK turns over seed fund to youth groups

  BY Ayala Foundation       April 21, 2017       , bangsamoro-young-leaders-program-leadership-communities

On April 10, GNPower Kauswagan Ltd. Co. (GNPK) turned over a total of PhP80,000 to serve as seed fund for the youth groups of Linamon and Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte. Each LeadCom group received PhP10,000 to fund their community projects.

After identifying key needs from their area, the LeadCom participants are now ready to turn their proposals into reality.

Some groups came up with projects offering products and services

RoBOOKon Store, offer affordable educational supplies to students

All-in-1 Techno Printing Services, provide accessible printing services to the community

Others focused on maximizing the potential of out-of-school youths and equipping the people with livelihood skills

Zealous Organic Farming, offer free livelihood and skills seminars on technical agricultural work for out-of-school youths

Panurakan Bakery, provide livelihood trainings with focus on baking and pastry-making

Sustin Agri Organic Swine Production & Integrated Farming System, provide out-of-school youths with agricultural training on raising organic swine and producing crops

Web Food Services, involve unemployed youth and alternative learning system (ALS) culinary course graduates to cook and sell in nearby establishments

While two groups targeted programs concerning the environment

Globe For A Cause, tap out-of-school youths to create marketable products from recyclable materials and promote awareness on waste disposal

Garbage Revolution, pilot waste management program for residents


The seed fund turnover ceremony in Linamon was held in the morning, with Linamon Vice-Mayor Rachel Viena Abudiente, Archimedes Velasco, Mindanao Lead, AFI, and Manuel G. Hiadan, GNPK Community and Security Officer in attendance.


The ceremonial turnover of the Seed Fund to youth groups in Linamon, Lanao del Norte in the morning of April 10.

The ceremony for the Kauswagan Seed Fund Turnover followed in the afternoon. Kauswagan Mayor Rommel Arnado, Archimedes Velasco, Mindanao Lead, AFI, Gabino Mejia and Ariel Punzalan, EVPs of GNPK Ltd. Co. and Manuel G. Hiadan, Jr. Community and Security Officer attended the ceremony.


The ceremonial turnover to the youth group in Kauswagan in the afternoon.

Contributed by: Joey Santos & Ayana Maranda