Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

  BY Ayala Foundation       September 18, 2017       AYLC2018, ayala-young-leaders-congress

Today marks the application phase for the 20th Ayala Young Leaders Congress. AYLC, as it is commonly called, is Ayala’s concrete expression of its commitment to national development through the youth. More than just businesses, the company has been investing in young minds so they can be equipped to become leaders in the community.

On February 20 – 23, 2018, 80 promising student leaders from colleges and universities nationwide will come together on a four-day leadership summit. This gathering will involve workshops, lectures, outdoor activities, plenary sessions and discussions designed to hone the students’ leadership skills and potentials.

Participants take advantage of the four days that they are with like-minded peers, passionate in bringing about positive impact to their respective communities and the country. It also becomes an opportunity to draw inspiration as they listen to stories from the country’s influencers from government, civil society, business, the arts, media, and entertainment sector.

Over and above learnings from plenaries, meaningful action is jumpstarted as participants are mentored on their proposed community projects. Post-congress, the students are given the chance to transform ideas into actual projects that can benefit their chosen community. They also become members of the AYLC alumni group where they can connect with past student leaders to start meaningful collaborations. With these things, the students’ leadership journey goes beyond the four days spent in the summit.

Truly, investing in the youth is a worthwhile cause. Ayala’s dream is to form and nurture a network of values-based and principled Filipino leaders who are passionately committed to nation building and to uplifting the lives of their fellow Filipinos. Through the Ayala Young Leaders Congress, this dream of shaping leaders becomes possible.

The program started in 1998 and is currently being implemented by Ayala Foundation, the social responsibility arm of the Ayala group of companies.

For students who are their schools’ official nominees, you can access this link for online application