Global Filipino Schools

Global Filipino Schools (GFS) empowers schools to become 21st-century-ready educational institutions by providing them with support systems that meet UNESCO standards. These include sustainable ICT-proficiency training for teachers, an ICT-equipped school environment, and committed education stakeholders.

Training Institute

The Training Institute is a teacher training program that focuses on four essential elements for lifelong learning—classroom pedagogy, development of critical thinking skills, values clarification, and use of technology in the classroom. The program is conducted as parallel sessions for principals and master teachers.

Ayala Young Leaders Congress

The Ayala Young Leaders Congress (AYLC), the flagship leadership program of the Ayala group of companies, is an annual student leadership summit for 81 of the most promising student leaders selected from the best colleges and universities in the country.

BYLP-Leadership Communities

The Bangsamoro Young Leaders Program – Leadership Communities seeks to harness the strengths of Bangsamoro youth as agents of positive change in their respective communities.

Iraya-Mangyan Program

Our Iraya-Mangyan Program is committed to the education and skills training of the indigenous Iraya-Mangyan community of Puerto Galera, Talipanan, Oriental Mindoro.

Ayala Museum

As one of the leading private museums in the country, the Ayala Museum makes Philippine history, art, and culture accessible to the public through engaging exhibitions and exciting cultural programs.

Filipinas Heritage Library

As a one-stop electronic research center on the Philippines, the Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL) houses contemporary and rare volumes on Philippine art, history, and culture; vintage recordings of Philippine music; vintage photographs; and maps, periodicals, and multimedia materials.

El Nido, Palawan

As El Nido, Palawan, continues to become one of the prime tourist destinations in the country, we are working closely with surrounding communities in their efforts toward gaining employment or diversified sources of income

Calauan, Laguna

Southville 7 in Calauan, Laguna, is a 107-hectare relocation site for families displaced by Typhoon Ondoy and the Pasig River rehabilitation.

Filipino Young Leaders Program

FYLPro (formerly Filipino American Young Leaders Program) taps outstanding young Filipino Americans who possess a sincere desire to be engaged in their respective communities and promote the Philippines’ further development.

Leadership Communities

LeadCom harnesses the youth’s potential for leadership and community service by helping them ideate and implement projects that address community issues.


The Center of Excellence in Public Elementary Education (CENTEX) provides holistic, quality education for bright children from economically disadvantaged families, honing their confidence and competencies not just inside the classroom but also through after-hours learning in the performing arts and other skill-building activities.

Project Lio

The Lio engagement is a prototype community development project for two communities in El Nido, Palawan—Villa Libertad and Pasadeña.

Disaster Rehabilitation

We are helping communities severely damaged by natural disasters. We have also partnered with the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation for various disaster response and rehabilitation initiatives.